Translation of Quran in Urdu

Raj International Educational Trust is proud to present the translation of Quran in Urdu through their exclusive search engine for Quran translation. Urdu is spoken in many regions of Asia and most of our Muslim brothers and sisters are unable to understand the real translation and meaning of verses in Quran as there is no other search engine offering translation of Quran in Urdu, with word-to-word meaning. is one of its kind in terms of translation, search through Quran and the readily available translation of the respective Ayat in Urdu.

The easy navigation through different verses from Quran and the easiest method of translation of Quran in Urdu, gives the user great experience with the share of blessings by the recitation and understanding of Quran. The Urdu translation makes the straightforward understanding of the matter discussed in Quran and Hadees. The ultimate goal of Raj International Educational trust is to spread the message of Holy Quran in every corner of the world, and nobody should be deprived of the countless blessings gifted, by understanding the Quran with proper translation. The native Urdu speakers in Asia face most difficulties finding the translation of Quran in Urdu, online. As Quran is translated into several languages and is available on internet, but is the search engine that can translate each and every word separately in Urdu, making it easier for the native Urdu speakers to understand the correct and authentic translation.

We have done the translation of Quran in Urdu with the most correct and accurate word-to-word translation, by the authentic resources. Reading a word of Quran, is granted by several blessings, and the one who reads and understands the Quran followed by acting according to the verses of Quran will be awarded place in the heavens. Translation of Quran in Urdu is done for the purpose of the Muslims who wish to understand the Quran and want to act accordingly. It will be now much easier to navigate through each Surah or Ayat of choice and read the Urdu translation of it, through

Muslim brothers and sisters, around the world can use our exclusive search engine for translation of Quran in Urdu, and even share with non-Muslim native Urdu speakers to share the blessings of Quran and invite them to accept Islam. The problem of conveying the right message in Arabic to native Urdu speakers is now solved, the translation of Quran in Urdu is available online and can be shared with whoever one wants. Let us all spread the message of Quran shedding light on peace, love and humanity, through the easy translation of Quran available for native Urdu speakers.

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