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It is now easier than ever to search Quran in Roman Urdu, only at our exclusive search site for Quran. It is easy to use with ease of access to each Surah in Roman Urdu, separately. User can navigate through each Ayat as well and get the easy translation of Quran in Roman Urdu. Search Quran at your ease and bookmark us from where you wish to continue exploring Quran.

Quran Search Engine

It is difficult to find the translation of Quran in Urdu, in one place, online. For that we have made it easier for the native Urdu speakers, to search for the translation of Quran in Urdu, through our complete Quran explorer. Our Quran explorer is efficient enough to navigate through whole Quran and take the reader to the desired Surah to Ayat.

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Quranraj.com brings you the full collection of Hadees in Roman Urdu where you can search and consult Hadees for your matters. We are working to spread Hadees to share the blessings of Allah to the mankind. Search Hadees in Roman Urdu and also, spread the message of Quran and Hadees to increase your benevolences from Allah.

Search Quran in Urdu

"Raj International educational Trust" introduce the Quran explorer in Urdu to promote the teachings of Quran and make it easy for the native Urdu speakers to understand and explore the Holy Quran without any hassle and misinterpretation in the meaning. Quranraj.com is the only Quran explorer in Urdu that allows the user to explore Quran through different angles and easy navigation steps. It allows the user to explore through Ayaats, Parahs, Surah, and also Ahadis. This is the only Quran explorer with the authentic translated meanings in Urdu, the language is easily understandable to a normal native Urdu speaker and the concept of the relevant subject of Quran is clearer than other translations of Quran available online. This Quran explorer in Urdu has various topics for consultation as we all know Quran is the best consultant available in today's world.

The Quran explorer in Urdu shall help many of the native Urdu speakers collect blessings from the content present in Quran through exploration. Many of us find difficult to understand the English translation of Quran available online on different Quran explorers.

Exploring Quran


In the Quran explorer of Quranraj.com, user can explore through different topics of interest narrowing the search to specific points of the Ayaats or the Surah of the Holy Quran that too in Urdu.


Quranraj.com offers the Quran explorer in Urdu that is an opportunity for the native Urdu speakers to explore and collect the blessings from Quran as Quran is regarded as the complete code of life for a human being.


The Quranraj.com has introduced the Quran explorer in Urdu for such people so they can have all the information on their fingertips regarding Islam and Quran, online that too in the quickest possible way of exploring through Holy Quran.